Welcome to django-social’s documentation!

Django-social aims to implement common features of social networks. As of 0.1, it is able to notify users via a an ajax widget.

Notifications are fun

Emiting a minimal comment notification looks like this:

from django.contrib.comments.signals import comment_was_posted

from social.notification import Notification

def comment_notification(sender, comment=None, **kwargs):
    Notification(comment=comment, template='comment_quickstart',

And easy to setup

pip install -e git+https://github.com/yourlabs/django-social.git#egg=social

Then either:

  • enter env/src/social/social_example_project and ‘runserver’ (recommended)
  • or add to settings.py INSTALLED_APPS: ‘social’, and ‘syncdb’, and proceed to full installation


My current plan is:

  • continue improving documentation

  • stabilize the API:
    • template tags should use django-native-tags to be more flexible
    • ‘lazy’ kwarg should be dropped, ‘prerender’ should be added
    • fix remaining (non-comment) contrib examples and implement them in the test project
  • write unit tests again

  • release 1.0

All contribution is welcome !


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